Mixed Commercial and Residential Spaces

Urban areas have always been an area where mixed commercial and residential spaces are a necessity, and modern trends have kept that tradition alive. Zoning for new buildings today can be restricted, but builders have found that combining office or shop space on the ground floor is acceptable when they are building apartments or condominiums on the upper floors. Penthouse apartments have been popular for years above the streets of cities, but they are often too expensive for more than a few people. For those seeking residential space near their office, an apartment above a commercial space has often been the key to good city living.

Street Level Shops

Government permits are required for most construction within any urban area, and many of them understand the need for housing within all parts of the city. They know that most builders will create street level shops on any property, but they are often willing to create housing on the upper floors. This mix allows the builders to attract many different potential buyers, and it gives them selling points when construction is complete. They can generally offer potential purchasers a wide variety of choices, and the available commercial space is considered a bonus by both parties.

Choosing a First Home

Living in the city is often an exciting adventure for those who are seeking a career, and they look forward to choosing a first home that will suit their needs. Some builders have begun to create apartments that still have to be finished because they have found people want a place with plenty of design options. For those who love large open areas, a designer can help them create the perfect environment. Other people might want more bedrooms or bathrooms, and their design plans can easily be accomplished when the builder finishes their space.

Custom Creations

While many younger purchasers find it is best to buy into an older building and remodel, those who have achieved their career goals can often afford to purchase in a new building. Their homes will be custom creations where designers and builders fulfill their dreams for urban living, and BBS can help them finish those perfect spaces with their design staff and Bolton bathroom fitters. Looking over the city from their lofty abodes can become a reality, and it will be everything they have ever dreamed as they step into their massive shower stall or soak in the perfect tub. Whether the purchasers are looking for a starter home or an executive apartment, modern builders have found a way to combine them in buildings that can be customized for each occupant.

There are many new facets to urban living, but few people realize they are actually traditional forms that have been handed down through the centuries. While modern transportation networks have improved, the need to be close to the action has little to do with transit times. People want to live near their place of business, or they want to be close to entertainment and dining. Living in an area where amenities are found on the street level with apartments above is a traditional way of life that has been upgraded in modern urban areas.